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The HEartworks Therapeutic Team

Director Jacqui Royal: Registered MBACP Senior Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist, MNCS Approved Supervisor, CBT Certified Coach, Registered Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Practitioner(LEAP, EAGALA), qualified teacher (B.Ed Hons 1st class, M.Phil research) & experienced Counselling Trainer with over 15 years experience across all mental health sectors. Originator of HEart Supervision © & Creative HEart © (see respective pages)

Our Equine partners: a small natural herd of attuned horses and ponies situated in a private, confidential and tranquil rural setting in the Sussex Weald as featured in Therapy Today, Analyse Me page 74 ( see also Herd Gallery page)

Herd Manager/Artist in Residence, Kira Harkin: EFL trained and managing the site and herd, (see Creative HEart Gallery )

Visiting Writer, Jacqueline Winspear: author of the New York Times bestselling Maisie Dobbs novels and winner of numerous awards, Jackie will contribute to the Creative HEart © workshops integrating equine therapy with creative arts for personal and professional development.

Guest Contributors: we are fortunate to have an array of talented artists, poets (see She lay dreaming below) & potters with whom we collaborate to produce some stunningly original combined creative: equine therapy packages.

From the Creative HEart© Stable.....

She lay dreaming

She lay dreaming. moving through tales of wondrous imagining. A vessel of beauty overflowing with innocence and frivolous babbling giggles. Delighted by bees and sticky toffee. Enthralled by horses and bicycles with bells. As curious as Alice, always in wonderland.

One night, mid dream, a crushing weight bore down upon this delicate vessel. She knew the weight her rock, her anchor, till now. The vessel shattered into a pile of shards, spilling innocence, scattering love. Delight escaped leaving only fear.

Years past, tears fell. The shards boxed, hidden from sight. Nothing felt safe, even dreams were fearful. Less of a life, more of a plight. A decision was made to bury the shards, to end this hurt, to escape a crushing weight that had never left, always pressing, always down.

By chance one day she discovered a copse resonant of lightness. She carried the box, searching for a spot to lay to rest her broken soul. Startled by a rustle, she looked up from her digging to see a boy and a girl who stood in shimmering light.

"What's in the box?" They chorused in bell like tones. "These shards that once were me", she replied, lifting the lid. The boy waved his hands and sent glowing tendrils coiling around the shards lifting them spinning into the air. The girl, singing, lifted her hands and a musical light merged with the spinning shards as one by one they reformed each joined by coloured light to make anew the vessel smashed.

Now more beautiful and stunningly unique, the vessel settled to the ground. Golden innocence returned, it filled with joy and laughter, it sounded as myriad crystal bells. The lines of the breaks would never leave. In rainbow light they mapped her life in a tender weave, of hope, and a tracery of healing.

Courtesy of Francis de Aguilar (C) May 2015


As a Registered MBACP ( British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) Senior Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist, I offer room based Counselling and Psychotherapy for a wide spectrum of life/work issues from anxiety & depression, to addictions, co-dependency, eating disorders, loss and trauma.

Clients from young persons to seniors can self refer or be signposted via their GP, Psychiatric Consultant, Private Medical Insurers, college or EAP(Employment Assistance Programme)

Please use the Contact Form, Call  07771728605 or for my Bupa page click here

Learn More: See my BUPA Provider page and/or click  LinkedIn icon top right, for more information; BACP(Reg. 45599), 

Supervision & EFsv©

With a NCS ( National Counselling Society) Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision,

I provide 1-2-1 or group clinical supervision for both experienced counsellors/psychotherapists and those in training as well as Mental Health, HR and People Managers.


I also offer the unique opportunity through HEart Supervision© to integrate your room based supervision sessions with field based equine facilitated supervision (EFsv©) or to have EFsv exclusively, delivering a powerful level of embodied client understanding and professional development in the management of your casework, training or team.

Learn More: View the  HEart© Supervision page: NCS Registered (NCS14-01222)

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Learning

& Development

As a Registered Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Practitioner (LEAP, EAGALA), I offer the opportunity to work therapeutically (no riding involved) with our small natural herd of attuned horses and ponies to address any of the issues that you would bring to room based therapy (see opposite). For individuals, couples (HEart2HEart ©), groups of all ages.  Following an initial assessment, a programme of either all EFP/L or integrated EFP/L with room based therapy will be recommended according to your specific needs. Click to read Therapy Today 'Analyse Me' article on  my HEartworks EFP/L work

'I feel very lucky to have had EFP sessions with Jacqui and the horses who together make an incredibly perceptive team. Experts in reading non-verbal cues, the horses let me know so clearly that they had heard what I was feeling that it felt like magic. I was able to access the true emotions I was feeling really quickly which meant that Jacqui and I could then discuss things on a much deeper level, getting to the root of what I needed.'

​Alison Bennetts-Brown

Student Counsellor/RSPCA Equine Supervisor

Director of High Fives, Apple

Jacqui and the horses offered empathy and congruence along with being non-judgemental, creating a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings to an increased depth with a full sensory experience. I highly recommend EFP with Jacqui as the facilitator as her knowledge and experience of both humans and horses is the perfect combination to improve one's emotional wellbeing'.

Dawn Barnard Voice

Counsellor in Private Practice/Supervisee/YMCA

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

'Few weeks ago my wife and I had our first Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) session with Jacqui and the herd. What a great experience that was! Jacqui, well supported by a fun and loving pony, quickly extinguished my skepticism on the matter by holding an interesting, fun and meaningful session for my wife and I; I now fully understand how powerful and useful EFP can be.'

Giovanni Fontanive

Client (Atos, Global Delivery Executive)

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor