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HEart Supervision©

 "I was stunned,shocked at how powerful it had all felt and at how none of it had made sense in words, but suddenly I knew how I felt about my client and our work"

HEart©  Supervisee

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HEart Supervision ©

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A uniquely developed approach to room based supervision integrating Equine facilitated Psychotherapy supervision along with traditional room based therapy supervision to deliver a fully embodied experience of not only your clients' process but also your way of being as a professional counsellor, psychotherapist, coach or people manager.

HEart© Supervision can either stand alone as your supervision approach of choice or be integrated with room-based supervision, both to facilitate a deeper and more embodied experience of not only your clients' therapeutic journey with you but of also your development as an exceptional professional therapeutic practitioner in the service of your clients and /or teams.

Our equine partners' SUPER-VISION bring new levels of perception to the craft and art of supervision as we collectively allow the unfolding of client/therapist/supervisor and horses to organically and dynamically carry and reveal paths to insight and healing.

Clients are honoured in this dynamically 'live' work through being present, held and accepted by their supervision 'herd'; their internal world and that of their therapist and supervisor plus supervision 'herd',  are worked with inter subjectively, acknowledging that we all bring to each encounter, our own part/s, experience and stories.

Supervisees leave enriched and expanded, having been able to be with their clients in a place of embodied and 'freed up' creative knowing. (see below, From the Horse's Mouth - an extract from one supervisee's account of their HEart Supervision ©)

Consultant Supervision provided to Jacqui A. Royal Supervisor, by Mike Delaney, LEAP Director .

' From the Horse's mouth'

"I realised how childlike I felt as I marvelled at the dragonflies hovering outside the window and the reflection of the waterfall (that's right, there was actually a waterfall) that skipped across tree branches. I was asked who or what I was bringing with me to the horses today in supervision and I realised that despite my head telling me one client, my body answered with an image of another, a client whose inner child I had been working with and who would have marvelled at this place as much as I was ( no parallel process here, it really was like something from a mythical story).

An image of me walking hand in hand with a child, through these trees to meet these animals, being taken seriously and nurtured by not one  but two capable adults( me/counsellor and Jacqui/supervisor), suddenly felt incredibly powerful and a wave of emotion washed over me as I imagined telling my client, " Guess where I took you last week...". And just like that, I knew who and what I was bringing to supervision....

As I walked towards the herd I felt very watched- not only by Jacqui but by the three pairs of eyes that had clocked us the minute we appeared out of the trees, entering their space; they knew I was there, carrying my client and were accepting of our presence. I realised that not only was my client's inner child being held by Jacqui, but I was too...."

Jody Vyner, Integrative Counsellor/ HEart©  Supervisee